Games which make you think outside the box!

Exploring the Museum of Illusions will delight your little grey cells. That’s why the Museum has clever wooden puzzles where visitors of all ages can play, compete and learn. Combines learning and fun with our fascinating Dilemma games, wooden puzzles which stimulate cognitive abilities and turns into a real exercise for your brain.

You can also buy Dilemma games in our museum shop!

A gift to remember

The illusion doesn’t have to end when you leave the museum! Bring an illusion home! In our gift shop you can find exciting souvenirs. Choose between our educational Dilemma games, an illusion T-shirt, bendy pencils and more!  You will take home an awesome experience, a sense of wonder and revelation which will linger on.

There are over 80 Dilemma games to choose from.

Visit us, try them out, ask questions, and choose something that is just right for you.