Brain games

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Learn more about puzzle games at the Museum of Illusions Vienna!

Discovering the Museum of Illusions also means challenging your little grey cells. That’s why we have many wooden brain games and puzzles in the museum for you to play and learn with. Did you know that children in Asia experiment with these brainteasers at school from an early age? Not only is it fun, but it promotes agile thinking and problem-solving skills.

You are looking for a meaningful and lasting gift!

The illusion doesn’t have to stop when you go home. Just take a toy with you. You’ll find original souvenirs and gifts in our museum shop. Choose just the right one for you or your loved ones – brainteasers, posters, T-shirts or other fun souvenirs. We will be happy to advise you. Of course, you can visit our shop at any time during opening hours without a ticket.

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  • “We really enjoyed the puzzles in the museum. Luckily, the team helped us out. ”

  • “I love this giant game in the middle of the museum with the yellow and green plugs. It's so much fun to solve. ”

  • “Some puzzle games have become a regular part of our family games evening. Many thanks for the advice! ”

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